Quotes From Masters of Photography- 11

Let’s see what footage means for the masters of it?

Bruce Davidson quotes

Most of my footage are compassionate, delicate and personal. They are prone to let the viewer see for himself. They generally tend to not preach. And they’ve an inclination to not pose as paintings.

Lee Friedlander quotes

I always wished to be a photographer. I was fascinated with the provides. But I not at all dreamed I may be having this loads pleasurable. I imagined one factor loads a lot much less elusive, far more mundane.

Tatsuya Sato

Josef Koudelka quotes

I {{photograph}} solely one factor that has to do with me, and I not at all did one thing that I did not want to do. I do not do editorial and I not at all do selling. No, my freedom is one factor I do not give away merely.

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