Quotes From Masters of Photography- 2

Let’s see what footage means for the masters of it?

Gertrude Kasebier quotes

The key to ingenious footage is to work out your private concepts, by yourselves. Imitation ends in certain disaster.

Alfred Stieglitz quotes

The arts equally have distinct departments, and besides footage has its private potentialities of expression, separate from these of the alternative arts, it is merely a course of, not an paintings; nevertheless granted that it is an paintings, reliance must be positioned unreservedly upon these potentialities, that they could possibly be made to yield the fullest outcomes.

Lewis Hine quotes

Photography can light-up darkness and expose ignorance.

August Sander quotes

Nothing appeared to me additional relevant than to endeavor an image of our time with absolute fidelity to nature by means of footage?c Let me converse the fact in all honesty about our age and the people of our age.

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