Quotes From Famous Photographers – I

Let’s uncover out what masters take into accounts photos.

Eugene Atget quotes

An excellent {{photograph}} is form of hound canine, dumb, nevertheless eloquent.

Julia Margaret Cameron

I longed to arrest all magnificence that obtained right here sooner than me, and at measurement the longing has been blissful.

Nadar quotes

The portrait I do best is of the actual individual I do know best.

Timothy H. O’Sullivan quotes

(On his work inside the Humboldt Sink) Viewing there was as good work as may presumably be desired; the one draw back was an enormous number of most likely probably the most voracious and notably poisonous mosquitoes that we met with all through our whole journey. Add to this the … frequent assaults of that the majority enervating of all fevers, known as the ‘mountain ail,’ and you’ll observe why we did not work up further of that nation…. Which of the two should be regarded as most likely probably the most unbearable it is unimaginable to state.

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