Quotes From Masters of Photography- 9

Let’s see what photos means for the masters of it?

Irving Penn quotes

I personally have always stood throughout the awe of the digicam. I acknowledge it for the instrument it is, half Stradivarius, half scalpel.

W. Eugene Smith quotes

Most photographers seem to perform with a pane of glass between themselves and their matters. They merely can not get inside and know the subject.

Diane Arbus quotes

Love entails a peculiar unfathomable combination of understanding and misunderstanding.

Richard Avedon quotes

I don’t really take note the day as soon as I stood behind my digicam with Henry Kissinger on the other aspect. I’m constructive he doesn’t take note it each. But this {{photograph}} is true right here now to indicate that no amount of kindness on my half would possibly make this {{photograph}} indicate exactly what he —or even I— wanted it to indicate. It’s a reminder of the marvel and terror that could possibly be a {{photograph}}.

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